Italo Varsalona
The painter of  Lugano



Italo Varsalona was born in 1941, a year of WWII that left its mark on all of mankind, including the people of the small village of Angera on Lake Maggiore. He was one of those who were born there, when black and grey were the predominant colors. 

While growing up, however, he learned to appreciate a much more colorful world: the warm colors of summer, when the wheat fields were interspersed with wild poppies and lilies and the lake reflected the blue of a cloudless sky; in the fall, when the first smoke curled out of the chimneys, the intense hues of the grape harvest transported on oxcarts through the narrow lanes of the village; finally the white, blue and pearl gray of winter, followed by the exquisite colors of spring. All this fascinated the young Varsalona and created in him the desire to delve into this world of colors and to portray it for others. He not only learned to use paint as a tool but also to become the tool of his paint.

In this brief biography Varsalona cannot and does not want to give an exhaustive history of this life and and his growth as an artist. He prefers to let the magic simplicity of his work speak for itself. Although he long ago celebrated the "silver wedding anniversary" with his art, he loves it more than ever. He is ready and eager to take up new challenges. On this website, Varsalona presents himself and invites you to participate in the poetry of his world of colors. He will be happy to receive your questions, comments and suggestions.

Varsalona was and still is always striving to paint canvases of lasting value. May he be granted the wish of every artist - that his art outlive the man who created it!

Sunday, 22 december 2002